Why choose a Toy Poodle

Why choose a Toy Poodle?

Ok, so, you (or the kids) want to get a dog. However, there are so many different breeds to choose from and a part of that decision, that might be important to you is “how easy is a toy poodle to train”? Well, for an idea of what is involved in training a Toy Poodle check out our Toy Poodle Training Basics.

The main reason, and the reason why we chose to get a Toy Poodle is that they don’t shed! Ask anyone who has a dog (or cat) that sheds and the effort involved in vacuuming up the hair, brushing it off your clothes etc can be a drag. A lot of people think getting a short hair dog, for example, a Pug or a Jack russell – as cute and short-haired as they are they still shed! That’s not a lot of fun.
Of course, those considering a Toy Poodle, often are after the convenience of a small dog no doubt. (Yes, the smaller the breed, the smaller the poo to pick up). You certainly get a small dog with choosing a Toy Poodle, but note Toy Poodles range from very small to small in size. Some people refer to their very small Toy Poodles as Teacup size but there isn’t officially a “Teacup Poodle” breed. So, the three recognised types of Poodles are:-
Standard Poodle (Grand) – sized 18 to 24 inch (45 – 60cm)
Minature Poodles – sized 11 to 14 inch (28 cm – 35cm).
Toy Poodle – size 9.4 to 11 inch (24 cm – 28cm).
The other favourite reason why people choose a Toy Poodle is for their friendly, loving, loyal nature.