Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What’s the best age to start training your toy poodle?

Ans. From the moment you take your toy poodle home to its forever home with you, it will be learning from you and picking up on your cues and habits.  So, be prepared from the get go.  Have a pet carrier with cushioning ready to put the toy poodle into when you first take it home.  The crate should be place in the rear seat or where you are going to be comfortable with the toy poodle travelling in future.  Have some age appropriate treats ready and reward your toy poodle for the behaviour you desire.

Q. Is it worth paying for my toy poodle to go to puppy preschool?

Ans. Yes, yes, yes.  Do not skip taking your dog to a qualified puppy preschool.  A lot of vets will conduct such classes.  This is a great training and learning experience for your toy poodle to socialise and for your toy poodle and for you to learn the basic dog training and etiquette.  Even if you previously had a dog that did well without puppy preschool, don’t assume that your new dog will likewise do as well.

Q. What is the priority thing for my toy poodle to be trained in?

Ans. The top five things to train your toy poodle in are:-

  1. toilet training
  2. sit command
  3. stay command
  4. come command
  5. down command

Q. What things should I buy to help with training my toy poodle?

Ans. The top five things we recommend you buy to help with training your toy poodle are:-

  1. clicker
  2. crate
  3. dedicated dog rug
  4. treats
  5. collar and lead

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