About Us

About Toy Poodle Training

We’ve developed this website for lovers of toy poodles.

We have aimed to keep the site basic (why over-complicate things), user friendly and unique with an intention to grow it organically with information and tips relevant to toy poodles and training them and based on the feedback and requests we received.

Train your Toy Poodle when its a puppy

Our Story

We love toy poodles.

We love their size.

We love their nature.

We love the joy they give us.

We love that the other toy poodle owners we have met are just lovely people.

We have two dogs – a Toy Poodle (Jacques) and a Poodle x Lahsa Also (Wushi).  We weren’t able to have kids, however, our fur babies have filled our hearts with love and we cherish every day we get with them.

We hope you enjoy browsing our around our website.  Let us know of any toy poodle topics you would like to hear about.